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“Opportunities are everywhere for those who work hard and have the right connections. Whether you are in school, just entering the workforce, experienced at what you do or are changing careers, SistaFriendz can help you make the most of your opportunities.”

– Toya Beasley


Monthly Mentor Meetings


Diverse WomenSistaFriendz Monthly Mentor Meetings take place in cities across the country to engage, inspire and uplift mentees. Activities, content and conversation will focus on the mentee’s life purpose as well as her professional aspirations and goals. Components of the program include group discussions, one-on-one meetings, workshops, guest speakers, shadowing executives in the workplace and community projects. Local corporations and organizations donate resources and executives’ time to make the SistaFriendz Monthly Mentor Meetings productive and valuable for both mentors and mentees. Local female executive volunteers lead each monthly session.

Quarterly Career Connections


Hugging WomenThe SistaFriendz Quarterly Career Connection events are your inside track to knowing what it takes to get ahead in your career. The Quarterly Career Connections are not job fairs, but networking and learning events unlike any other career gathering. Attendees will meet and hear from executives and hiring managers representing the region’s top companies and industries. The event provides a full day of networking, presentations, demonstrations, a luncheon speaker, panel and Q&A sessions, special guest entertainment and an evening reception.

* Not all pavilions will be available at each Quarterly Career Connection.







  • Entertainment
  • Technology
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Health & Beauty
  • Education
  • Science
  • Public Sector
  • Retail
  • Green
  • Social Services
  • Professional Sports
  • Performing Arts
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Fashion & Design
  • Publishing






    *Not all pavilions will be available at each Quarterly Career Connection

SistaFriendz Annual Conference Weekend


The SistaFriendz Annual Conference Weekend is the ultimate gathering of members from across the nation. The Conference offers a wealth of information and experiences to nourish your life’s purpose and provide stepping stones for professional growth and advancement. The three-day event features high-profile keynote speakers, general sessions, workshops, special performances and entertainment, and exclusive networking opportunities – all in an atmosphere of relaxation, rejuvenation and encouragement. The Conference also includes an award ceremony recognizing companies and individuals for outstanding work and dedication to the advancement of women in the workplace.


Black Teenage Girl viewing her image in a mirrorSistaFriendz BIO Tour

Beauty Inside Out

The SistaFriendz BIO Tour travels to cities nationwide, delivering a day of motivation and inspiration to help teenage girls realize their true worth, recognize their potential and take steps to bring out the beauty that is within each of them. This high-energy, fast-paced event features young celebrities, teen entrepreneurs, local female mentors, exciting entertainment, school and career guidance, and tips to help your mind, body and spirit flourish.

SistaFriendz Street to the CEO Seat

SistaFriendz firmly believes in the limitless potential of all women. Nothing is out of reach – not even the corner office. From where you stand currently, that may be hard to imagine. That’s why we created the Street to the CEO Seat program – the crossroads of connections and opportunities. It’s a six-month program of intensive study and work internships that prepares female young adults for the road to executive opportunities. Working with our partner companies, participants gain real-world experience in the areas of World Cultures & Markets, Finance, Leadership Development, Ethics, Operations, Sales & Marketing, Management, Human Resources, Corporate Image & Reputation, among others. The program culminates with a graduation ceremony, certificate of completion and opportunities for job placement with one of our participating partner companies. Candidates must apply for participation in the program.

Special Initiatives


Three Teenage Girls

Young Ladies of Excellence

Transformation Program

Designed to transform, reform and change the lives of at-risk teen girls. The program is an insurance policy to ensure teen pregnancy and gang relationships are not the primary focus of these young girls.






Young Women Working 2 Independence

From Abuse Program

This program provides counseling, mentoring and job preparedness training for women who have transitioned out of an abusive relationship.







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